Why is Glance One of the Most Trusted Development Agencies in London?

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Sep 18, 2020

When it comes to developing apps for mobile devices, Glance is an industry leader and one of the most trusted development agencies in the UK. From established businesses to new startups, clients trust Glance and its expert team to construct effective apps that help advance and grow companies. As much as the app marketplace continues to grow, plenty of companies that choose underperforming agencies to work on their applications don’t see results. Glance, on the other hand, ensures each client gets a tailor-made product that fits their business needs and keeps up with the ever-growing world of mobile app development.

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What Makes Glance Different to Other Development Agencies?

There are plenty of mobile app development agencies in London and around the world. Glance stands out by prioritising a business’s needs first and foremost. By understanding what the client needs, Glance takes their industry knowledge and uses proven development strategies to achieve world-class results. Every agency wants the best for their clients, but success doesn’t happen for everyone. Less than 1% of mobile apps help a company become profitable or increase revenue. Glance is different thanks to an approach clients appreciate and results that anyone would be ecstatic to achieve. 

Expert Knowledge That Makes Sense to Clients

Rather than try to figure out how to develop an app on their own, many companies seek agencies that specialise in mobile app development. Glance is one of the most trusted app development agencies in London because clients are present in every step of the design process. Rather than use knowledge to get the work done and deliver a product, clients are often blown away at how quickly and effectively Glance works while keeping them in the loop the entire time. Furthermore, Glance has experience and knowledge in both IOS app development and Android app development. 

Vualto Director Camilla Young says of the experience working with Glance that “their service was extremely fast, reliable and intelligent. They rapidly built an app that exceeded our expectations; using their knowledge of the market to make intelligent suggestions throughout, meaning that the finished app was better than we had envisaged.” That’s not an exception to the rule when working with Glance. That’s how every project should go with a well-organised and experienced mobile app development team. 

An Understanding of All Demographics and Industries

Glance works with companies all over the business world. Likewise, more and more companies are seeking to invest in a mobile app no matter what they do or what they offer. Across industries, Glance boasts clients like  Canon, CHANEL, The Times, The Ministry of Defence, Lucozade, CMC Markets, and Universal Music just to name a few. A well-rounded knowledge of all demographics and industries helps Glance provide a tailor-made experience. This is applied to everyone who enlists Glance’s help on mobile app development. It’s not just about the build or how to market an app, but how to set up a client for success in the short and long term.

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GetConnected Communications Manager Merlin Sibley worked with Glance on his company’s mobile app and says “they provided an excellent service in the design/development of the app. They showed great flexibility in meeting additional requirements that came up during the project and have consistently impressed us with their understanding of the app marketplace, particularly in relation to younger people.” 

Work With Glance and Experience Success from Day One

Anyone in the tech industry knows that things are always changing. For Glance, there’s one constant that clients rely on: an expert approach to building mobile apps that make businesses better and more successful. If you’re considering investing in mobile app development for your company, then you can’t do better than one of the most trusted development agencies in London with a proven track record. That’s how Glance keeps clients happy, and they’re ready to take on your mobile app development project too. 

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