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It’s always important to recognise the numerous contributions women have made to tech and app development. However, in light of celebrations from International Women’s Day, it’s even more necessary to highlight the role women in technology have played.

Around the time of International Women’s Day 2019 in particular, it seems appropriate to consider how women and technology will continue to innovate in the future. Women have already developed a wide range of useful apps and related technology. We can expect them to create even more in the future.

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Recruiting the Next Generation of Famous Women in Technology

It is worth noting that the vast majority of app developers are male. This has nothing to do with ability or talent.

Luckily, those who do understand the importance of bringing together women and technology are working to change that. For example, Girls in Tech continues to grow. They are a non-profit that strives to provide young women interested in technology with the education and resources they need to chase their dreams and learn the lessons of app development.

Women in Technology International is another example, and they focus more on helping adult women participate in the field. Tech giant Apple has also recently opened an Entrepreneur Camp geared towards helping women get involved in app development.

These are encouraging signs. Although women interested in developing apps haven’t traditionally been given many famous women in technology as role models to look up to, there are great efforts now more than ever to ensure today’s generation of aspiring female developers has more opportunity to join the industry in the future. 

Women in Technology are Building New Companies

It’s worth remembering that women aren’t just going to play an increasingly large role in tech as developers; they’ll also start and lead successful companies.

Consider the example of Mary O’Brien. She received a 2018 Women in Tech Award in the Entrepreneur category for her work as CEO of VideoDoc, an app that allows patients to consult with their doctors remotely via mobile devices. O’Brien cites participating in a female-centric entrepreneur program as a key factor in her company’s success.

Organisations and programs such as Black Women Talk Tech offer similar benefits. It’s important to give all women the freedom to build companies in this sector. This particular organisation focuses on providing black women in tech with such opportunities. By highlighting the success of other female black entrepreneurs, they further help to create positive role models.

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Persian Women in Tech is another organisation helping often marginalised females participate in tech fields. As more non-profits like these arise, we can expect to see more diverse voices in app development.

That’s a good thing for everyone. A review of famous women in tech reveals they’ve made substantial contributions to computer science already. Ada Lovelace is credited as the world’s first computer programmer. Katherine Johnson and Margaret Hamilton helped NASA put humans on the moon. Many of today’s female developers are creating products you may use frequently.

The more chances women have to participate, the more that society will benefit from the products they develop. That’s just one reason to celebrate them every day – not just on International Women’s Day.

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Tyrell Bibbiani

Tyrell Bibbiani

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