How Glance Decided To Make Working From Home The New Normal, Indefinitely

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Nov 5, 2020

A lot of companies recently realised the opportunities and flexibility of work from home operations. While many companies allowed working from home for the first time this year (and now for an indefinite second time), Glance has been utilising the productivity and connectivity that a remote workforce offers in order to become a leader in mobile app development. When it comes to the culture of work from home jobs, careful cultivation goes into making employees feel a part of a team. The best remote jobs make this a priority even when the employees might never see their peers in person. Like many businesses, we’ve decided that working from home is more than just a new option. Work from home jobs is also an indefinite reality that can change a business for the better.

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Why Remote Operations Work Well (And How to Maximise the Possibilities)

Glance was an early adopter of the work from home revolution. By hiring the best candidates for mobile app development roles in the company, we set our business up for success by removing the limitation of office proximity. Of course, this means the process of developing workplace culture and values changes a bit. Communication and technology are the backbones of our company that enables work from home operations and helps us effectively serve our client’s wants and needs effectively.

Communication is Key

When it comes to working remotely, communication must be clear, routine, and effective. To establish clear channels of updates and feedback, we hold daily Zoom calls at 9:15AM to discuss tasks completed and goals to be set for the following days. This ensures that the team keeps up with one another to complete tasks fluidly. Likewise, management and task setting software are popular among remote workforces. We use ToDoist to help highlight the most important goals for the day and allow our employees to clue in their co-workers to projects pertinent to their role in the organisation.

The communication that occurs off-the-clock also matters for an effective work-from-home environment. Glance employees are encouraged to take necessary breaks to keep their vision and productivity clear. 

Technology that Makes Work From Home More Productive 

Technology allows remote working to happen but it also must be used effectively to provide a business with tools for success. Glance makes it a cornerstone of their work with clients to avoid only using the phone. Because of this, video calls help establish and maintain that one-on-one connection that is so vital to our core business morals. This ensures that client relations while working remotely stay meaningful and connected to ensure a great working relationship.

While many companies allowed working from home for the first time this year, Glance has been utilising the productivity and connectivity that a remote workforce offers in order to become a leader in mobile app development.Click To Tweet


For the Glance team, technology is also only effective in the right environment. Each employee at Glance has a dedicated workspace at home that allows them the room to work with little distraction. This is crucial to maintaining proper work from home balance with everyday life. We ensure each employee has at least two Macbooks as well to avoid issues that might derail the day’s productivity. Technology also impacts communication. If someone isn’t readily available via email, the Glance team utilises multiple communication channels to ensure everyone can reach each other. Tools like Slack or Missive are a great way to host formal and informal channels for a team to reach one another. It helps ensure the team can always stay connected. 

Work From Home Can Make a Big Impact

We are successful as an app development agency because of our rigid work from home culture. Some businesses that work from home worry that a remote team leads to challenges. But we have maximised the flexibility and opportunities that come from working from home to ensure a productive and passionate team can serve our clients. As many companies turn to remote work for the future, Glance surely serves as an example of one of the best companies with remote jobs because they not only show how to do it right, but how to make it a catalyst for success.

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