How To Use Deep Linking To Boost Your Mobile App Engagement

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Mobile app developers are always looking to get their software into the hands of more users. There are several tactics for accomplishing this goal, but deep linking is by far one of the most effective. This strategy provides you with insights to which referral campaigns are most effective and where to focus your energy and time as you obtain more users. By gaining a larger audience and simplifying the app onboarding process, users and developers alike benefit from deep linking. Let’s talk about why this tool is useful, how to maximise its efficiency, and what you can accomplish when you utilise deep linking.

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What is Deep Linking and What Makes it So Effective?

When developers begin to decide how to market an app, deep linking is one of the first strategies many begin to deploy. It is important to understand what deep linking is. A deep link is any location in an app that is opened directly by a URL. This process might sound complicated, but it’s actually something we are all very used to as mobile device users. When you open a URL that is connected to an installed app, a deep link opens a specific page depending on the URL on which you just clicked. For example, if you’re browsing a search engine and come across an Amazon link, a click on that link can open the app for you to that specific item or search inquiry.

Deep linking allows developers to build mobile app engagement. This approach is especially effective for those who sought out how to make an app and make money. Money is made by users relying on your app and using it at an increasing rate. All of the best mobile app promotion strategies drive users to the platform to increase engagement and the chance at converting whatever form of sale on which the app is focused.

How to Use App Deep Linking

Developers across all devices might have an opinion on the best operating system, but they’re all compatible with mobile deep linking strategies. While platforms like and DeepLink connect devs to the tools needed to create deep linking functionality, Google is working on an even more intuitive approach to the process. App Indexing is currently available for Android and in limited release for iOS and connects straight to Google’s search results. App Indexing shows users links to an app based on what they have installed. This increases relevancy for the user based on what app they use as well as increases engagement to that app for the developer.

Making app content searchable by Google is just part of the process. Apple’s newly introduce Universal Links allow iOS devices to use existing links to connect to a mobile app based on the understanding that a user is using a mobile device. This means less work for the developer’s sake and a more intuitive process for the user. These Universal Links will also participate in Spotlight searchability to promote relevant content to users based on what they do on their device. All in all, deep app linking isn’t just for developers. It’s a more streamlined, intuitive experience for users as well.

This strategy provides you with insights to which referral campaigns are most effective and where to focus your energy and time as you obtain more users.Click To Tweet


How App Deep Linking Can Boost Engagement Long-Term

The more that an app builds its deep links into searchable inquiries online, the easier it is for users to hop from mobile browser activity to apps they love. App developers are always told by clients to build apps that make a user’s experience smarter, faster, and more effective than simply navigating a website. When users do encounter a website first, deep linking can guide them to a better experience. The process is simple for users and effective for app developers. 

As the tool of deep linking becomes more intuitive and effective thanks to Google, Apple, and others, everyone will continue to see the benefit of this strategy. Start seeking out a deep linking project for your android or IOS app today to stay ahead of the curve. Have questions about your app or even considering starting a new project in the near future? Let us know how we can help. 

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